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Trail's development started in the beginning of 2010 in close collaboration with our customers and with their help. We had already worked with performing arts organizations for over ten years before Trail. Our previous experience showed that most of these organizations had the technical equipment needed for successful productions, but the management of these expensive assets was non-existent.

Many of them did not even know what their equipment consisted of, and the data was scattered among many different charts, if anywhere. They all knew that something had to be done about the matter, but had not found an affordable solution designed for their specific needs.

We knew that we could help the organizations improve their asset management significantly. That was when we started replacing the pen-and-paper methods with a modern web-based solution, one that had all the necessary information available to everyone. Thus, Trail was born.

When information concerning the equipment, its location and its condition is easily accessible throughout the entire organization, the expensive equipment will not be left unused and unserviced. Well-maintained asset management saves both time and money for everyone in the organization and helps the organization make better and more efficient investments to support its operations.

Our goal is to help our customers manage their assets so that there would be more time and resources left for the actual work, be it art production or something else.

With this goal in mind, we always develop Trail according to our customers' needs, no matter what field they are working in. We think it is very important that our customers feel satisfied with Trail and that they are gaining something when using it – every day.

Antti Rehtijärvi

Antti Rehtijärvi (M.A.) is responsible for customer service, sales and finance. Antti has worked as a designer and consultant for a variety of performing arts projects over the last 15 years. Antti has also worked as a lighting designer for the theatre, musicals, dance performances and the television. Antti specializes in projects that combine art and technology.

Marko Klemetti

Marko Klemetti (M.Sc.) is Trail's Chief Architect. Marko has over 15 years of experience in software production and as a consultant for modern software development techniques and methods. Marko is also active in agile software development communities, specializing in Continuous Delivery and Automated Acceptance Testing.

Trail's main features

All the information in one place

Trail gathers all the information concerning your equipment, such as equipment lists, reservations, maintenance and investments. After implementing Trail, you can forget about searching for information across several different systems, separate files, folders, charts and booklet covers. Trail collects all the information concerning your equipment clearly to support your decision-making, so that you can make better decisions, avoid unnecessary purchases, and save money.

Barcodes and RFID tags

The equipment is tagged reliably and efficiently using barcodes or RFID tags, making it possible to quickly make use of all the information concerning the equipment and also update the information as easily. The amount of waste is reduced when you have the information, history and location of all the items at your disposal – quickly and reliably.

Anytime, anywhere

Trail is a web-based system that you can always use at the location where the work is done, and just when the situation concerning the equipment is at hand.
With the barcodes and the Trail iPhone app, it is easy to do things like updating location information, creating defect reports, entering lamp hours, and reading reservation information at the exact spot where your equipment happens to be located at the time.

Equipment maintenance

Trail allows you to draw up automatic maintenance plans to reduce costly downtimes and ensure that the equipment stays in good working condition. You will always know what maintenance work has been planned for the equipment, and you can view the entire service history of all the items. All users can report equipment malfunctions, and the reports are immediately forwarded to the right technicians.

Help in investment planning

The information collected by Trail helps you make better investment decisions, avoid unnecessary purchases, reduce maintenance costs, and generally save money. You can finally make decisions based on the actual life cycle information instead of your gut feeling. With Trail, you can also follow how your decisions are implemented and make sure that every investment is made in the best possible way.

Improve your equipment utilization rate

You can use Trail to plan your productions' equipment reservations and rentals carefully. This way, you can be sure that the necessary equipment is always ready and in working order when you need it. Trail helps you improve your equipment utilization rate and avoid expensive last-minute equipment rentals.

Access rights

With Trail, you can decide for yourself what access rights to grant to all the information contained within the system. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, access rights are based on users and user groups that you can create yourself and distribute different access rights to according to your needs.

Trail and security

We take protecting your information very seriously. Trail has been designed to be secure from the ground up: we use security servers and protected applications, and take regular backups of your data. All of our data communications use SSL encryption.

Implementation and support

Trail – the friendly asset management system – means particularly that it is easy and comfortable to use. During the implementation phase, we will help you gather the information concerning your equipment and, if needed, can even tag it for you. It only takes fifteen minutes to learn how to use Trail, and we do not think that you will need our help or any special training with its daily use. Of course, we will support you with any problems or defects you may encounter.


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